Allen Press Launches Mobile Optimization of Its Journal Hosting Platform

LAWRENCE, KS—June 20, 2012—Allen Press is pleased to announce the mobile optimization of its online journal hosting platform, Pinnacle. Pinnacle for Mobile now enables publishers to present content attractively across all major mobile platforms while controlling access from the institution out to the end users and their devices. The use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript makes it possible for content to display on most mobile devices, including those operating on iOS, Android, and RIM.

“For content-focused platforms, a mobile optimized website just makes more sense,” noted Joanna Gillette, product marketing manager for Allen Press. “Native app development is costly and time intensive, not to mention frustrating for end users who just want to be able to read an article without stopping to download an app.”

Device pairing is a key component of Pinnacle for Mobile. This feature allows institutional users to gain access through their mobile device while maintaining accurate usage statistics for institutions. This is a must-have for publishers who derive significant revenue from libraries and other institutional subscribers.

“We recently launched Pinnacle for Mobile and found the interface to be extremely intuitive and easy to use,” said Maria Preston-Cargill, publishing manager for the Journal of Endovascular Therapy. “The mobile device pairing feature allows all of our subscribers to quickly gain and maintain mobile access to the journal through their library or institution in just a few simple steps.”

Pinnacle and Pinnacle for Mobile are ideal for society publishers who want to offer a robust feature set to their readers without the investment required for a custom site build or technical staff. Websites can be launched quickly and reinforce the brand identity of the society throughout the user experience. Pinnacle hosts full-text XML files in addition to PDFs, image files, and supplemental data.

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