AJ IMAGES–All in the Family


The seeds of the relationship that drives one of the country’s fastest growing printing companies were sown nearly 60 years ago on a rooftop in Newark, NJ.

That’s where Arnold Greebel’s parents would take him on nice days—allowing the toddler to bask in the sunlight and soak in the panoramic views such a vantage point provides. Sometimes, as his parents would relate to him years later, Greebel would cast his eyes to a nearby building, where a young Janet Biddelman was also enjoying the weather from a rooftop carriage.

Fast forward some 20 years later. Arnold had earned an engineering degree from Farleigh Dickinson University and was working for a chemical packaging company. Janet, meanwhile, had finished her studies in accounting at Boston University and had recently purchased Whitcomb Printing in Roselle, NJ. Both single, their lives were about to change drastically thanks to a blind date.

“Our families knew each other and my cousin was friendly with Janet,” Arnold recalls. “I knew of her, but our parents weren’t that close.”

So the engineer and the accountant were fixed up; they went out that evening in 1966 for a romantic dinner and dancing. It must have been romantic, because they married only two months later. “We just hit it off,” Janet declares.

Thirty-five years after that blind date, the Greebels are still together. “It’s kind of strange, but the business has helped to keep us together, believe it or not, because we have so much in common,” Janet notes. And their union is paying off in many ways. AJ Images enjoyed a sales growth rate of 112 percent in 1999 and 2000 was also a very successful year.

In the Beginning
Whitcomb Printing started life as a broker, farming out the production of business cards. It was Arnold’s idea to change Whitcomb into a full-fledged printer, so the couple purchased a Multi and a letterpress, and set up a shop in their basement.

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  • Kathleen Hawkos

    Your continued success in this endeavor is great news to me. I was employed by Dimensional Graphics in the early 1980’s. The skills I gained as a result of this position are being used by me to this day. Arnold and Janet, I wish you all the best! Kathleen Hawkos (formerly Kathy Mohyla, while under your employ). בהצלחה