Arandell, Schumann Forge Cross-Selling Pact

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI—Arandell Corp. and Schumann Printers have signed a joint venture marketing agreement to cross-sell their manufacturing platforms. Currently, Arandell specializes in long-run printing and services, while Fall River, WI-based Schumann focuses on short-run capabilities and services. By working together, the two family-owned printers will be able to expand the range of services they offer to existing and new customers.

“By bringing together two very different, but complementary, manufacturing platforms, this partnership will enable each of our companies to extend the capabilities we offer our client base,” said Don Treis, Arandell CEO. “Arandell will gain access to a manufacturing platform that will make us very competitive, for the first time, in the short-run catalog and custom publication markets.”

“Schumann Printers will be able to expand into new markets with Arandell’s long-run equipment, that we could not do alone,” added Daniel Schumann, president. “We will also be able to offer our customers Arandell’s resources in catalog consulting, premedia, database marketing and mobile applications for smart phones and tablets.”

Over the last few months, Arandell and Schumann have worked to develop a strong collaborative relationship to ensure consistent quality for clients across both manufacturing platforms. The partnership will also provide additional capacity and a backup to enable each company to meet unexpected demand or urgent client needs.

“Arandell Corp. and Schumann Printers share the same values and the same commitment to quality and service,” noted Schumann. “We are confident that this agreement will help each of our companies to grow and expand in a competitive marketplace.”

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