Agfa Graphics to Release Apogee Upgrade, Launch Violet CTP Solution #Ipex

MORTSEL, BELGIUM—April 8, 2010—Agfa Graphics today announced that at Ipex 2010 the company will release Apogee 7 and a four-up violet chem-free CTP solution for commercial printers.

The new version of the Apogee workflow management suite includes Apogee Impose, an Agfa-developed imposition module that relies on live job information rather than templates to perform imposition. In addition Apogee 7 allows print buyers to go beyond the web-to-print screen to create new jobs in the prepress stage with WebApproval. The new version of Apogee also includes APPE 2.5, Adobe’s latest version of its native PDF renderer. Apogee 7 also allows printing companies that have digital inkjet printing capabilities to manage file distribution to different printers with their own specific application.

Apogee Impose, New Agfa-Developed Imposition

Apogee Impose is rules-based imposition software. Instead of using pre-defined templates which must be manually edited for each job, Apogee Impose uses job information, such as page size, product part information like cover, body and insert, and available equipment (prepress, press and bindery) to calculate and propose the optimal imposition scheme. Because it is intelligent, all job parameters are known and used to determine accurate imposition. For example, it will optimize signatures to put all black and white pages on specific flats. Conditions also determine that content goes to web presses and covers to sheet presses.

“Apogee Impose is unlike any other imposition software. It interprets and executes imposition based on each individual job, instead of having to fit a job into an existing template. It can save a company significant time and labour,” said Bart De Pelsmaeker, Head of Software. “Our customers tell us how cumbersome current impositions software can be. We have the solution and we make the transition from template-based to rules-based imposition easy.”

Apogee Impose lets operators set “standard” schemes for optimum efficiency. For example, imposition can be set with an “up” folding scheme, which results in fewer folding machine changes. Because Apogee Impose calculates the preferred imposition scheme for every job, the outcome is predictable and automated, eliminating wrong settings.

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