Agfa Graphics Launches New :Azura V Chemistry-Free Plates #Ipex

MORTSEL, BELGIUM—05/03/2010—Agfa Graphics today announced the launch of the :Azura V chemistry-free plate for violet CtP systems. The new violet photopolymer plate works with gum, similar to Agfa’s industry-leading, ThermoFuse-based :Azura plates for thermal systems.

This new, chemistry-free plate works with all mainstream violet CtP units currently in use at commercial print sites across the world and emitting at least 30 mW. The new :Azura V can run in virtually all existing photopolymer processors on the market, but no traditional photopolymer developer is required. The plates are ideal for low- to mid-size commercial printers and provide run lengths up to 100,000.

Based on photopolymer technology, :Azura V combines outstanding lithographic quality with easy handling and excellent durability. Because it is a chemistry-free plate and there is no use of developer, it eliminates the main variable affecting image consistency. Like its eco-friendly thermal cousin, :Azura V works with a clean-out unit or an adapted existing plate processor. Little maintenance, therefore, is required. In conjunction with the Agfa Graphics’ Avalon V4 and the new Clean out unit, :Azura V lowers the overall Cost of Ownership of Computer to Plate, broadening its application.

:Azura V uses a new photopolymer emulsion that works with a pH neutral clean-out gum. Since Agfa’s system uses no chemicals such as developer or fixer waste (just clean-out with gum) and no need for extra rinsing water, the result is an improved ecological footprint, and an extremely easy to maintain system.

The plates will be available after Ipex 2010.

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