American Printer Magazine Ceases Publication

CHICAGO—Editor-in-Chief Katherine O’Brien confirmed on the magazine’s Website that American Printer has ceased publication following the release of its August issue. It marks the end of a 128-year run for the venerable printing magazine.

In her farewell, O’Brien wrote that parent company Penton Media “stuck with us through some mighty lean months, but ultimately, there was no foreseeable model to achieve profitability.” O’Brien spent 14 years with American Printer.

The magazine was founded under the auspices of Inland Printer, the name of Henry Shepard’s printing company. It was acquired by Maclean-Hunter Publishing in 1945 and was merged with another title obtained by Maclean-Hunter, The American Printer, to become The Inland and American Printer and Lithographer. It underwent several moniker changes before settling on American Printer in January of 1982.

  • Kathy Reilly

    This is very sad news. First Graphic Arts Monthly, now American Printer. Katherine O’Brien and her staff did a yeoman’s job of keeping us apprised of industry news, trends, people and company profiles. This magazine will be sorely missed.

  • PrintShopGirl

    Part of me is sad, but most of me doesn’t care.
    This magazine (like most of the free industry mags at this point) consists of 95% ads. It went straight into the trash nearly every month.

  • Wendy Colson

    This is a sad day. As a young man born in the printing business my father told me to be sure and read all the printing publications. Thanks American Printer for keeping me informed and educated all these years. I will miss you. Mr. Wendy Colson, Colson Art Printing, Colson Printing Company , Valdosta Georgia.

  • margiedana

    Oh, it is the saddest news. I have such respect and admiration for AP, especially for KOB, surely one of the very best trade journalists and talented writers I’ve ever known.

  • Hank Brandtjen

    A sad day indeed. The communications industry is changing; especially from the viewpoint of the written word via a publication. I now ask myself when did AP see the writing on the wall? In asking that question, what else is being written on the wall, and, are we, as an industry, going to experience similar fates?

    What is written on that wall about the industry supporting three trade associations? What about the industry supporting an annual trade show?

  • Prepguru

    and then there was one…