A.F.L. Web Workers Vote to Unionize

SEACAUCUS, NJ—Employees at A.F.L. Web Printing here voted to unionize by a 16-10 count, according to The Jersey Journal. The employees will join Local 1-L of the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The chapter now represents 28 A.F.L. Web Printing employees, the paper said.

The union informed A.F.L. Web Printing in May that employees had created a collective bargaining committee. The employees have raised concerns about the length of work days and other working conditions.

In July, A.F.L. CEO Dennis Forchic resigned his post and was replaced on an interim basis by Robert Conway.

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  • Anonymous Realist

    These pressmen are glorified button pushers. They get paid WELL OVER $20 to baby sit the press once it’s running. During that time they stand around and read, text on there phones or do NOTHING at all. When the press breaks down…they call maintenance to fix it. You won’t see a pressman put a grease gun to anything not to mention push a broom, pathetic whiners, not happy with what you’re making?? There are plenty of people who would like to make what they make, with benefits. Get real, not happy with your job, who is to blame for that? Maybe you should TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE and go back to school if you want to make more. Ask yourself; is what you do really worth $30.00 + an hour? Really?