Advice for the Bosses — DeWese

Company owners, CEOs and sales managers are always telling me that they clip my columns, photocopy them and distribute them to their salespeople. I’m going to turn the tables and give you salespeople something to slip into the boss’ inbox.

It’s most of the text of a speech I gave on leadership to the Paperboard Packaging Council in Washington, DC, back in March. The folks at the Paperboard Packaging Council had scheduled some famous economist to speak, but he couldn’t show up so they called me to fill in. Of course, they probably called me first, but the guys at the bus station failed to page me.

Okay, the speech begins here.

You were supposed to have another speaker today—Dr. Jeff Rosensweig of CNN, where he’s the chief economic commentator. Your program director learned that Dr. Rosensweig couldn’t make it about six weeks ago, called me and said, “DeWese take off your warm-up suit and start stretching.” He didn’t know that they don’t make warm ups in my size and the last time I tried to stretch I wound up in traction.

I figured I better look up the stats on the guy I was replacing. You know. I wanted to see how we match up. Here’s what I learned.

Dr. Jeff Rosensweig teaches economics and finance at Emory University’s Gouizeta School of Management.

Dr. Jeff Rosensweig has an MBA from Yale and a Ph.D from MIT.

Dr. Jeff Rosensweig has Alan Greenspan’s cell phone number and Paul Volker’s private line next to his hot tub.

Yeah, Dr. Jeff is about 6’3˝, 175 lbs., enormously handsome and superbly eloquent. I’m told this guy has about 2 percent body fat. He wears “braces” for decorative purposes. You can see that I wear suspenders for structural purposes. You know, big gut and no butt.

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