Advancements in Preflighting–Ensuring All Documents

  • Preflighting is not only finding mistakes within a document’s digital composition, but actually repairing those mistakes on-the-fly.
  • Preflighting is being incorporated on a large scale into comprehensive workflow solutions marketed by the major prepress equipment vendors.

    “All vendors are now making preflighting software more comprehensive because the future is sending files direct-to-plate,” reports Francis Lamy, founder of DALiM. “No one wants to find errors when a job is on-press, so it’s up to the automation of the production cycle to fix all mistakes up front.”

  • Preflighting is moving to accommodate publishers of Internet products and other multimedia publishing endeavors and, one day, may be utilized virtually entirely by designers on the desktop—before a job ever gets to a prepress department.

    “Preflighting is not just for production. More and more, graphic artists are reducing output problems by using a simple preflight process designed to produce correct files the first time,” reports Todd Donahue, vice president at Acquired Knowledge.

    Pioneering Perspectives
    Preflighting pioneer Patrick Marchese, founder and president of Markzware, has a lot of ideas on the drawing board, with keen attention paid to the software guru’s latest release of its flagship tool, FLIGHTCHECK 3.3, which supports QuarkXPress 4.0, Adobe PDF and FrameMaker.

    The new version utilizes Markzware’s TrueFile technology, which helps users get fully trained on the subject of building documents correctly, the first time.

    “With the boom in the digital creation of documents, anything printed from any application can be a candidate for preflighting. Primarily all of the contents going into these digital documents are comprehensive and complex, and warrant thorough checking to accommodate problems with fonts and an array of other components—in an array of file formats, including Adobe PDF and more,” Marchese says.

    Indeed, the promise, the reality, of PDF—distributed, on-demand printing—doesn’t leave the need for preflighting sitting in the shadows.

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