Acquisitions Drive Transcontinental’s Revenue Gains for the Quarter

“In fact, starting in the fourth quarter, we will reap the benefits of this acquisition more significantly. We sold our remaining one- and two-color book printing assets and renewed several contracts with national retailers. We also recently extended contracts to print Rogers’ marketing products and magazines.

Olivier noted also that, ”although the Media Sector has been affected by the exceptional events that have lowered the results of the Educational Book Publishing Group, we continued to invest in the development of new products and services. The scope of our digital network was expanded through the acquisition of Redux Media and the partnership with Glacier‍ Media.

“We enriched the content of our platforms by acquiring all outstanding shares of the newspaper Métro Montréal and launching several mobile apps. In addition, the organization continues to generate significant cash flows and has a solid financial position. Over the next 12 to 18 months, our priorities will be to complete the integration of Quad/Graphics‍ Canada, Inc., to further invest in our multi-platform offering and to improve the Media Sector’s performance.“

Quarter Highlights

Sold the assets of one- and two-color book printing plants Transcontinental Gagné in Louiseville and Transcontinental Métrolitho in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Transcontinental Inc. plans to pursue its educational book printing activities in the four-color web printing niche in the Quebec, Canada and U.S. markets.

Extension to 2019 of contracts to print Rogers’ marketing products and magazines for a value of up to $250 million. These agreements follow in the wake of other contracts renewed since January 2012 with key accounts in various sectors of the retail industry in Canada. These contracts with retailers are valued at more than $1.5 billion and have terms of three to six years.

Ongoing development of Transcontinental Inc.’s digital and interactive activities with the acquisition of a majority stake in Redux Media, a leading online advertising network that specializes in real-time bidding, and by setting up a digital advertising representation partnership with Glacier Media, publisher of newspapers and business information products. In addition to expanding its digital network, the Corporation is providing new mobile applications, notably On the Table and P$ Mobile Service, an innovative remote parking payment solution for Stationnement de Montréal.

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