ABnote North America Relocating Its Secure Card Production to Boston

BOSTON—January 27, 2010—ABnote North America will be relocating the secure plastic card production, which includes government identification and financial payment cards, from Mt. Pleasant, TN, and will be consolidating it into the existing commercial card facility in Boston. Equipment and personnel will be transferred in phases to maintain the required production capacity and to help ensure a smooth transition.

Keith Goldstein, president and chief operating officer for ABnote North America says “consolidating the secure production capabilities into Boston will create efficiencies from having both secure and commercial card operations under one roof. More importantly, the increased flexibility, capacity, and ability to better leverage key expertise will result in improved service and a better overall customer experience.”

The secure operation in Boston will be certified by Visa, MasterCard and the United States Department of State for card production. It will be physically separated from the commercial card operation and have highly restricted access and other secure features. The integration is expected to be complete by early spring of 2010 and will result in the decommissioning of the Mt. Pleasant, TN facility.

About ABnote North America
Originating in 1795, ABnote North America, a division of American Banknote Corp., is a premier and trusted provider of secure printing and related services. Primary products include commercial plastic cards (gift, loyalty, and membership), financial cards (debit and credit cards), identification and secure access cards (drivers’ licenses, national ID cards, hotel and facility entry cards), secure documents (savings bonds, stock certificates, passports, vital records, vehicle records, and checks), and related services (personalization, warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment). ABnote North America is also the exclusive distributor of stamps for the United States Postal Service. For more information on ABnote North America and its products, please visit www.ABnoteNA.com.