A World of Impossibilities –DeWese

This is a column about women in the printing industry. I believe that women have far more to contribute than the men in the industry presently allow. I believe that women are, generally, under-recognized and underpaid versus their co-workers who speak in tenor, bass and baritone. Too few females hold senior management positions. Many great ideas go unheard because we live in a man’s world. But you know all that. I have written about it before.

My friend and arch nemesis column writer for another magazine, Dick Vinocur, characterizes himself openly as a “babe magnet.” “BABE MAGNET?”

Then I saw two gorgeous 30ish to 40ish women sidle up to the 70ish raconteur, who was leaning on his cane and rakishly winking at the beauties inside a casino that we were patronizing out West recently. I, on the other hand, was innocently waiting and feeling all of being 60ish, $10 in hand to tip the valet where Mr. Hotshot Lady’s Man had just raked in four figures in cash—which I doubt he will ever remember to report to the Internal Revenue Service.

I will admit his roguish winner’s grin probably led to the babes’ overture. And, these were not “ladies of the night or the afternoon,” since it was about 4 p.m. I’m guessing they were Civics teachers on holiday from the Dubuque school system. The great Vinocur brain—his intellectual “magnetism,” instantly and magically wooed them. The man just looks flat smart and exudes the perception that his waters run deep.

Later on, this Dick Vinocur “babe magnet” thing got me to thinking—which always gives me a headache. Dick and I were in Phoenix for the 2005 National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) Top Management Conference being held in the enormous and grand J.W. Marriott Resort and Spa.

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