A Scramble for the Remains –Waldman

Now add to the mix digital printing for fast turns and short runs. And then take this one step further by offering variable imaging or the term I like best: one-to-one marketing.

I am not advocating that you throw out your 40˝ press. Quite the contrary; the addition of these capabilities should increase your sheetfed business. What I am telling my fellow commercial printers is to become a lion. Unfortunately I see most heading down the scavenger path. So many close their eyes and don’t want to explore new alternatives.

And I have heard the all too familiar reaction before. “What! Talk to companies like Xerox or HP; they’re corporate copy center people or ink-jet printer manufacturers.” I hear this from many commercial printers and it tells me that they’re not paying attention. Not only do these companies represent what’s happening, but they have a wealth of information and solutions to share with you. Commercial printers have to open their minds and start listening.

I participated in an 11-city tour recently, which was produced by Xerox. The one-day seminars featured a wealth of information delivered by industry experts, leading-edge printers, participating partner companies like Adobe, as well as Xerox personnel. Incidentally, one of the key people behind the tour was John Hamm, a Xerox vice president, who for 20 years was a commercial printer—so much for companies like Xerox not having print savvy personnel.

The tour drew good crowds, but few commercial printers—a group that really needed to be there. What was interesting was that the few commercial printers that did come seemed to get the most benefit and were among the most active in post-seminar questions and follow-up requests.

Xerox also did a shortened version of the seminars at Graph Expo, in which I also participated. My talk was about Adobe PDF Transit and the important role this product plays in making customer Web submission a reality, leading to a true automated Adobe PDF workflow complete with job ticket information. Adobe PDF Transit is a key component of Xerox’s Web submission software solution. And as I stated above, this is a must in meeting the challenges the printing industry faces.

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