Faking Gift Cards Is Easy, Says Weezie –Cagle

It’s nice to know that the counterfeiting community has graduated to the next level. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the thieves.

B-A-A-A-A-D NEWS: Speaking of technology, an old tradition is going by the wayside, much to the relief of sheep everywhere. The University of Notre Dame announced it was no longer printing diplomas on sheepskin, ending a practice as old as educational degrees themselves.

The school’s newspaper, The Observer, reported that the printing vendor who provided sheepskin diplomas to the university had decided to halt the practice, which involved lead type. With order volumes dwindling and the safety concern that accompanied the process, Notre Dame’s provider decided to ax the offering.

The school had offered both sheepskin and paper diplomas to its graduates for more than 100 years, with sheepskin availability playing a role from time to time, The 
Observer noted. Also, in recent years, more students had requested paper diplomas.

An official in Notre Dame’s registrar’s office noted that, as a substrate, sheepskin is susceptible to fading, shrinking and wrinkling. He said the office gets calls each year for reprints of sheepskin diplomas that had been damaged by the sun.

The Observer said the school will invest in software and high-
quality printers to prepare the diplomas. The paper diplomas will be in full force in time for January 2012 graduations.

Back in the day, paper was difficult to produce, so an alternative was necessary. One has to wonder how many possibilities were pondered during the hunt for paper substitutes. Incidentally, I’d be interested in finding out the name of the person who first looked upon a sheep and said, “You know, that beast’s hide would be perfect for parchment printing.”

DUTCH TREAT: One European government is being seen as a trendsetter for the elimination of mass paper usage. Upon returning from summer recess, members of the Holland Senate were given Apple iPads, complete with a new Senate app designed for their new devices.

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