Pizza Pie Makes Printer Flip Passions —Cagle

As we welcome in another campaign, perhaps we should pause for a moment and reflect upon all of the employees and companies that no longer toil or conduct business in the printing industry. Shedding employees and companies is a necessary evil, and nature’s way of keeping supply in line with demand.

As anyone who’s ever lost their job can tell you, however, it’s a difficult experience on many levels. And the loss of income is only the beginning. Some people become depressed and blame themselves, even when the layoff is random. There’s an unwarranted stigma attached, and many people question their own value as months pass without landing an interview, let alone a job offer.

On the flip side, there is life 
after printing. We recently found a tale about a Minnesota man, Jeff Eckert, who set aside his nearly 20 years of service to the printing industry in order to follow a dream. Eckert wanted to own a pizzeria. In one fell swoop, Eckert and his partner went from large format to deep dish by purchasing an Original Red’s Savoy Pizza franchise in Oak Park Heights, MN.

Eckert’s claim to fame lies in his rotating pizza oven, which can cook upwards of 25 pies at one time. 
According to Eckert, there’s only one other such oven in the state of Minnesota. Yes, regardless of the industry, it is critical to boast equipment that can differentiate your business from the competition. It also helps that Eckert uses nothing but premium ingredients.

Another staple of successful business is ingratiating yourself to the local community as a way of repaying their patronage. Savoy Pizza donates excess pizza to the local food bank, gives the Boy Scouts its cardboard and acts as a supplier to groups that sell the pizza as a fundraiser.