Pizza Pie Makes Printer Flip Passions —Cagle

“Overall, it’s been pretty good,” Eckert told the Stillwater Gazette. “I’m still getting people saying, ‘I never knew you were here.’ ”

The next time you’re in Oak Park Heights, MN, stop in to say hello to a former fellow printer who has found a new calling.

Suffice to say, there will always be a market for pizza, America’s happy food.

NOT-SO-GREAT DANES: The “something” that is rotten in Denmark apparently has been traced back to a printer in Turkey.

According to the Copenhagen Post, police have unearthed a potentially massive case involving counterfeit tickets that holders can use for travel on buses and trains in that city. Last fall, Danish tax officials intercepted a package from Turkey that contained nearly 10,000 bogus “klippekort” two-zone tickets. The tickets carried a value of 1.3 million kroner, or roughly (U.S.) $233,000.

Authorities in Turkey arrested three people in the city of Izmir, which is home to the illicit printer, according to the Post. Police raided seven Copenhagen kiosks and found the phony transit passes in six of them. All of the owners of the kiosks were charged with fraud. Two other people, with family ties in Turkey, were arrested for allegedly masterminding the operation.

How were the ersatz tickets discovered? The halo is missing above the ‘a’ in the word ‘pa’ on the back of the pass. Presumably, according to the newspaper, the Turkish company had difficulties in printing the Danish words.

PAPA WAS A ROLLIN’ COUNTERFEITER: Let this serve as notice to one and all: Mess with Waffle House, and your rear end is bound for jail.

Drifter/druggie Bret Rhind found that out the hard way when his cross-country escapades with girlfriend Debra Roberson—which included a nine-month, 19-state methamphetamine and counterfeiting jag—ended in front of a St. Louis judge, who threatened to toss Rhind in the pokey for a 25-year stint after he pleaded guilty.