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Tis the Season for Giving —Cagle

December 2010

Eyeing a Ford Mustang GT on the highway, my attention was further grabbed by the door cling advertising Speedpro Imaging (, a graphics company that specializes in providing wide-format digital printing for exhibits, banner stands and trade shows. Clearly, vehicle wraps, interior/exterior displays and point-of-purchase (POP) pieces fall into Speedpro Imaging's sweet spot.

My only criticism is the long name. I nearly rear-ended a Kia Sorrento trying to jot down the entire Website address, and I'm sure the driver of the Mustang must have felt I had some kind of issue. Prolonged staring at another car is never advisable and, in the Delaware Valley, it's a particularly egregious offense.

Long name notwithstanding, the wrap was certainly an attention getter. The good folks at Speedpro must have known this, given their tagline "Made you look." Just don't stare for too long.

STAY OUTSIDE: The power of outdoor signage is undeniable, particularly with highway billboards that reach out to captive audiences. But, it only takes a slight misspelling to turn a sporting offer into too much information.

A super-sized advertisement in Salford, England, had to be torn down shortly after its debut promoting a sports facility. The display was supposed to have read "indoor bowls hall." Bowls, or lawn bowls, is popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. It's a second cousin of bocce ball, I believe.

Well, the monster poster only underscores the notion that if you refuse to proofread your copy, disaster will surely strike.

The gaffe version of the poster read "indoor bowels hall," which, to Americans, might seem like another nutty way for the British to reference a rest room—what the heck's a loo, anyway?—but the printing company owned up to the error and the poster was removed.

The sports facility has a slogan of "discover what's inside." For anyone who saw the incorrectly worded version of the display, the answer to that offer is a firm "noooo thank you!" PI

—Erik Cagle



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