A Christmas Story –DeWese

It was a few days before Christmas in 1998. A light snow was swirling in the 30 mph winds blowing off of Lake Michigan. The winter wind in Chicago seems to gain strength as it whips through the buildings and down Michigan Avenue.

It was about 2:30 p.m. and a stocky businessman on the wrong side of 50 entered the hotel bar. His flight home was scheduled for 6:55 p.m. and he wanted to relax before leaving for O’Hare Airport. He was tired and chose a stool near the end of the bar. He was carrying an expensive overnight bag and a matching attaché case. He carefully stashed his bags against the brass bar rail and hoisted his bulk onto the bar stool.

Wants to Relax, But. . .

The businessman was troubled that his short legs prevented his feet from resting comfortably on the rail. He wanted some service and was annoyed that the bartender was in a deep conversation with two cocktail waitresses at the far end of the bar. Finally, he was even more irritated when he noticed that the bar mate to his left was drunk.

The bartender eventually came for the order and the businessman ordered club soda and a double espresso. The bartender observed, “Man, you are gonna be wired when you finish the espresso.” The businessman responded, “It’s okay. I’ve had a tough day and I need some strong coffee.”

Before he could say more, the drunk ordered, “Barkeep, bring me another shot and beer backer. And bring my check.”

Soon the bartender delivered the club soda and demitasse of espresso. He served the drunk his shot of bourbon, the beer and placed the tab beside the drinks.

The drunk fumbled for his wallet, extracted a credit card and pushed it toward the bartender. The businessman was calling his office on a cell phone, but saw the drunk gulp the shot, grab the draft beer and chug it down. The entire consumption process was amazing and seemed to happen in a few seconds.

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