48HourPrint.com Installs MGI Meteor Digital Press

BOSTON—02/17/10—Quicker project turnaround, print items at pennies per piece and unparalleled sharpness of colored images are just some of the advantages of the new digital printing services being offered through 48HourPrint.com on their new MGI Meteor DP60 Pro digital press from Graphco.

Once only available in larger quantities, business cards, postcards, appointment cards, buckslips, letterhead, posters, rack cards and sell sheets will now be available in quantities as low as 100 and with a 24-Hour Turnaround Guarantee.

“Offering lower quantities through digital printing sends a strong message about 48HourPrint.com’s ability to quickly meet customer needs,” said 48HourPrint.com President/ CEO Raymond E. Pinard. “This is just another step in providing customers with top flight service that continues to separate us from the competition and maintains our commitment to quality and customer service.”

48HourPrint.com VP of Manufacturing Glenn Kacsh said that in conducting their research for the best digital solution, quality of print was number one, flexibility second, and the ability to produce on a varied amount of paper stocks and other materials was also important.

“We are honored that 48HourPrint.com made the MGI Meteor DP60 Pro their digital solution of choice,” said Michael Abergel, MGI USA’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director. “The Meteor DP60 Pro allows 48HourPrint.com to provide their customers with the highest quality digital prints and increased flexibility in terms of available materials and applications, and we’re proud to be involved in the expansion of their digital business.”

Graphco President Chris Manley shared Abergel’s enthusiasm. “The MGI Meteor DP60 Pro impressed everyone during 48HourPrint.com’s evaluation process,” he said. “The installation of this press into the fast paced environment that is 48HourPrint.com represented an exciting challenge we were thrilled to undertake.”

By the end of March, 48HourPrint.com will be offering lower quantities for the remainder of its products including brochures, calendars, catalogs, flyers, folded cards, door hangers, envelopes, notepads, hang tags, newsletters, rip cards, table tents and tickets. By June, the company will offer Variable Data Printing (VDP), a form of customizable digital printing that allows text and graphics to be changed without stopping the press.

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