3D Bindery Selects Muller Martini’s Pantera Perfect Binder to Meet Customer Demands

HAUPPAUGE, NY—June 14, 2012—Started in 1995, Central Florida’s 3D Bindery began by selling bindery equipment and supplies to desktop publishing customers. Today, as technology and demands have changed, 3D still sells binding supplies, but it has also become a successful trade bindery in Apopka, FL, producing everything from catalogs and magazines, to medical books, journals, school yearbooks and paperbacks.

Of late, however, 3D Bindery found it was missing out on some significant business opportunities. Many of its customers began requesting PUR binding on specific jobs, a process that 3D Bindery’s equipment did not offer. More and more, PUR (polyurethane reactive) binding has become an increasingly popular adhesive. Arguably, books produced with PUR have a greater shelf life because they stay stronger and more attractive than books produced with traditional hotmelts.

So after researching a number of manufacturers and machines, the company chose Muller Martini’s Pantera perfect binder. Running at speeds up to 4,000 cycles per hour, the Pantera processes conventional hotmelt binding as well as PUR adhesive, and features a compact space-saving design. It can handle a broad array of different size jobs and can be configured with up to 28 feeder stations. In addition, the binder is specifically designed for fast and convenient set-up via its interactive Set-Up Assistant, the intuitively-designed touchscreen monitor, and the Automatic Make-Ready Systems (AMRYS) package.

Moreover, with the Pantera perfect binding system, the entire process is automated and completed in a single operation, from loading the printed signature to stacking the finished, packaged brochures—regardless of whether the job calls for a short- or high-volume run.

With the addition of the Pantera, 3D Bindery anticipates newer and greater opportunities. Commented owner Dave Damato, “The Pantera will allow us to offer our current customers what they’ve asked for—PUR binding. More importantly, it will reduce our makeready by about 80 percent. That’s going to substantially increase our turnover on the machine.

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