Catalog and Publication Outlook : Multiple Platform Providers

Top 5 Publication and Catalog Printers. (Double click chart to enlarge.)

According to David Blais, executive vice president and president of magazines and catalogs for Quad/Graphics in Sussex, WI, advertisers today expect publishers to connect to their audiences through print, online, tablets, mobile and social media. But, each new channel can also create a substantial amount of work: “The whole industry—on the publisher side and the print side—has to redefine itself rapidly. While the trend to mobile and other content delivery is obvious, the challenge has been to monetize that trend and be effective and efficient across all of the channels.”

To help its customers with their multi-channel approach, Quad/Graphics produced an Innovation guide to show how both publishers and their advertisers can use print to engage readers and increase response. Quad has also launched an interactive print solutions initiative to help publishers learn how to use QR codes, image recognition, augmented reality and embedded computer chip technologies.

Transcontinental’s multi-channel initiatives for magazine publishers include a full range of integrated 
solutions, such as data mining, digital editions, apps for mobile and tablet devices, social media, e-mail marketing, and Website and microsite development. It also launched an online Innovation Centre to show how both publishers and advertisers can use print to engage readers and increase response.

“Printing, mixed with other platforms, is still the primary driver of marketing communications today, and remains the most efficient channel to drive traffic to the Internet,” explains Bruce Jensen, vice president of sales for Canada-based Transcontinental Printing.

“As the largest printer in Canada and fourth-largest in North America, we are well-positioned to offer our customers innovative print solutions, as well as to integrate these solutions with multi-platform strategies to generate results.”

Jensen adds that the industry will see a steady improvement in print revenue next year, along with strong efforts to make the digital side—and especially mobile—grow more profitably.

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