2008 Lewis Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award Recognizes James Hammer

PITTSBURGH—February 5, 2009—Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce that James Hammer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hammer Packaging in Rochester, NY, is the recipient of the 2008 Lewis Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award. Established in 1950, the Lewis Award is recognized throughout the graphic arts industry as the highest honor awarded to any individual in the business. Named for Abraham Lewis, and his sons Louis and Myron, the award honors a business leader who has gone far beyond standard obligations to become a significant force in shaping the business of producing printed communications.

Hammer is a fourth-generation business owner who has been the driving force in growing the $1 million company he took over from his father to the nearly $100 million enterprise it is today. His focus on technology, quality, innovation, and teamwork have aided in the success of Hammer Packaging.

Under Hammer’s guidance, Hammer Packaging has celebrated a number of important “firsts” in the industry. The company was the first packaging printer in North America to offer shrink sleeves with high-quality web offset printing and variable-sleeve technology. In addition, Hammer Packaging was one of the first printers to achieve ISO 9002 certification and ISO 9001: 2000.

To facilitate the development of new printing techniques and processes, Mr. Hammer created the position of Director of Innovation at Hammer Packaging. His investments have resulted in an Innovation Department whose efforts have been able to offer a host of solutions, such as new substrates like BOPP HammerSYN, HammerSHIELD co-extruded foam, new inks and coatings like HammerICE, and new prepress processes like stochastic printing.

Hammer is a strong supporter of education, and Hammer Packaging facilitates an educational exchange program with Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Print Media. Additionally, in order to meet the evolving needs of the packaging printing industry and to promote company and personal growth, Hammer Packaging employees are required to complete 16 hours of in-house and off-site training each year.

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