2003 GATF’s InterTech Awards Announced

PITTSBURGH—The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) has announced the 13 recipients of the 2003 GATF InterTech Technology Awards.

“This year’s awards showcase the industry’s growing attention to flexographic printing, ink-jet and soft proofing on a contract basis, and digital in-line finishing,” says GATF Research Director John Lind. He also observed that automation combined with productivity and ROI continues to be a strong trend among the InterTech nominations.

GATF has sponsored the InterTech Technology Awards as a service to the graphic communications industry since 1978. The 2003 award recipients are:

Plate Cell Patterning, part of Artwork Systems’ Nexus product family, is a software application that places anilox cell patterns on flexographic plates to improve ink transfer during printing. The cells are “patterned” into the job during imaging on an imagesetter or a direct-to-plate unit. The cell patterning roughens the plate surface, which, in turn, improves the quality of printed solids, reduces ink consumption, reduces halos around type, and produces more open reverses and finer positive images.

ORIS Color Tuner 5.0 color management software from CGS Publishing Technologies International is designed to produce contract-quality proofs on ink-jet output devices. The system uses ICC-based color management combined with fine tuning for difficult color reproduction.

Creo’s HyperFlex screening solution aids in the exposure of small dots or graphic elements on a photopolymer plate. It reduces the relief depth between dots and expands the base of the shoulder so the dots are better formed and capable of resisting the wear and tear of normal use. HyperFlex preserves the size of the dot and the intended tonality, yet allows printers to work with smaller highlight dots.

Epson’s SWOP-certified combination of ink-jet printer, inks and output media for contract-level proofing delivers accurate proofs with a wide color gamut that closely simulates colors produced on the printing press. The proofing solution includes the Epson Stylus Pro 7600/9600 with UltraChrome Ink and Epson Professional Media Line.

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