Rising Stars: Faces of the Future

Ryan Steffens, B&D Binder and Index

Jim Flaherty, Allegra Print & Marketing

Kyle Johnson, Kingston Printing

Jo Ann Rossi, Zooom Printing

Patrick Smith, Smith Litho

James Van Dusen, Pearl Pressman Liberty Communications Group

Megan Sullivan, Superior Lithographics

Shawn Petersen, PrintPlace.com/United Graphics

Chris Pellegrini, William Charles Printing

Michelle Bracali, Macomb Printing

Ellen Gillespie, Little Lamb Design

Mardra Sikora, Wright Printing/Folder Express

John Tenwinkel, DG3, Diversified Global Graphics Group

Susanna Trate, Consolidated Graphics

Adam LeFebrve, Specialty Print Communications

Michael Burton, Cenveo

Robert Burton Jr., Cenveo

Kelly Vanderboom, Quad/Graphics

Andy Johnson, Cadmus Communications

Tyla Armstrong, Albuquerque Printing

IF THERE is anything worse than listening to people drone on and on about the economy, it’s hearing talk about the bleak future of print. Judging by their remarks, you would think that printers are part of a vanishing breed, destined to go the way of the Ford Pinto. Well, not only do our gas tanks not explode, but our cylinders keep on rolling profitably because, in part, of the efforts of people who are too young to remember the Rubik’s Cube.

That’s right; there’s a healthy-sized generation of young print professionals who are invested in the viability and future of the graphic arts industry. Some were born into printing dynasties and are keepers of the flame. Many came through print management courses at some of the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities. But all of them possess a tenacity, enthusiasm, perspective and vision that indicate the future of printing is in qualified, capable hands.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out these 20 biographies to get a glimpse of printing’s future as it continues to make a splash in the present. From where they’re sitting, tomorrow doesn’t look bad at all.

Ryan Steffens, 26

Company: B&D Binder and Index, Arlington, TX
Marketing Manager
B.B.A. Marketing, University of Texas at Arlington

Recipe for Success: Printing is an industry that has undergone massive changes during the last 10 years and will continue to evolve rapidly in the next 10 years. The key to our success has been to never stop moving. We’ve tried to use a wide range of media to keep ourselves relevant to customers, and we’ve made sure to keep up with the latest technological advances to keep our product relevant. We’ve had successes, and even a few failures, but I think that clients like knowing they are working with a company that is moving forward with them.

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