Woman Pleads Guilty to Theft of Over $60,000 from Printing Firm

Kelly Madewell pleaded guilty Monday to stealing over $60,000 from her employer—Murray Printing Co. Prosecutor Brett Alexander said the theft was over $67,000, but insurance covered $15,000 of it. He said $49,030.78 was still owed. Madewell handed over a check for $27,000 in court. She will pay the remainder at a rate of $183.59 per month.

Prosecutor Alexander said the theft was discovered when it was noticed that several company checks had gone to Madewell instead of the firm.

She got a 10-year sentence, but it was suspended pending repayment of the stolen funds…and could be shortened to as low as five

  • Adam Zeno

    greedy greedy, doesn’t she know there isn’t that much extra money in printing that no one would have noticed?

  • Jim Albany

    A 22 year year payout, what a deal!

  • BYC

    If it is not yours – do not touch it !!!!