Why Angela Quit the Printing Industry and Why You Shouldn’t

There is no question that we are using less paper in certain areas of our life than we used to, but there’s still plenty out there. And even if there were less paper about that doesn’t mean the need for design has gone away. The print industry is repositioning. Where it does a job that can’t be done better digitally—and there are plenty—it will survive.

My advice, if you’re in printing or a designer and you love it—Don’t quit. Try to work for a shop that sells on quality.

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  • Tom

    I agree with the response to Angela’s article. I can understand why she is disillusioned and most of us are, but we need remember that we’re still mired in the deepest recession this country has ever seen since the great depression. Companies are still keeping their marketing costs at a bare minimum until they see signs of a sustained recovery.
    Their attitude is "why market when nobody has any money to spend?" The grass always appears greener on the other side but this recession has impacted virtually every industry in the country. It’s not just our industry that’s feeling the pain. I believe that when the economy starts to improve, consumers and companies will begin to spend. Companies will want to capture those dollars and they will become more aggressive with their marketing. I will invoke the opinion of my business partner and say "when every other sector of the economy is booming and we’re still sucking wind, that’s the time to leave the industry. Until then, I won’t believe this is the end of the printing industry". Hang in there!!