Printing Press Auctioned, Dismantled

The ink rollers on the printing equipment at the Tracy Press imprinted their final images on Nov. 15—nearly 100 years from the date of the newspaper’s first on-site publication. John Wilson, pressroom foreman, said that the final printing day was “sad and somber” for him and his three employees.

He [Wilson] said it’s increasingly difficult to maintain the economic viability of operating a printing press. He cited several reasons, including increased costs related to environmental and government oversight of the printing process.

The printing press was not included in the sale of Tracy Press Inc. and its three newspapers.

  • george

    Tracy Press has made an important part of history, stories of people, events that have shaped our lives. It will be referenced by future generations as they look up the past that you have published so long. Having been in a family newspaper in the 50′ in Arizona (Arizona Range News) I still enjoy looking up old articles on line and reliving the past. I wish you the very best what ever you do and Thank Your Group for the long service to the community.

    George H. Loughborough
    Huntford Printing & Graphics