TigerPress Cuts Ribbon for New East Longmeadow (MA) Plant

Try and tell Reza Shafii, president of TigerPress in East Longmeadow, that digital media is overtaking good-old ink and paper and he reaches for one of the cardboard six-pack holders his company manufactures for Opa Opa Brewing Co. in Williamsburg.

“This isn’t going to go digital anytime soon,” Shafii said.

He gave a tour of TigerPress’ new 100,000 square-foot, $8 million plant at 50 Industrial Dr. The company had fewer than 50 employees before Shafii branched out into packaging about four years ago.

TigerPress still prints a large number of brochures and booklets, including materials for the University of Massachusetts,

  • Bill Farquharson

    Way to go, TigerPress! Not only do I love seeing a company grow, but the fact that you are in my hometown and do print for my alma mater makes the news all the more special! Good luck and congratulations!