The U.S. Congress Must Help USPS Grow Revenues, Says GAO

For USPS to pull itself out of its current financial difficulties, it cannot just rely on pension and healthcare reforms and high-profile cost-cutting measures—it must also find fresh ways to raise new revenue streams. That is the central message of a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) sent to Congress this week.

The GAO sheds light on dozens of revenue-raising initiatives that the Postal Service has been pursuing in recent years, but also warns that many have been abandoned for various reasons including the fact that Congress decided…to restrict USPS to providing only products and services that could

  • Mickey

    Just cut the payroll 20% all the public sector has had to make cuts and reduce payroll to survive. USPS has taken way to long looking for government help.
    Look what happen to GM and how their labor force has been reduced. Also out source a lot of the mail work.
    There are a lot of unemployed that would be delighted to deliver mail for 12.50 or 15.00 and hour. They would be lined up.
    If an employee has over 30 years time to go.

  • Rich MA

    How about running the USPS like a business? They have entitled employees, lousy customer service, a website and list of rules which are near impossible to navigate… especially for the higher spenders in the industry: bulk mailers. I have watched 3 postal employees talking at the loading dock and refuse to get trays after dropping off a project with $3,000 in postage. I have been made to go back to the post office to write in the DATE which was inadvertently forgotten on postal paperwork. The waste and horrific customer service would not be tolerated in a for-profit business.