QR Code Killer? Touchcode Opens Content by Tapping Paper to Screen

Dubbed Touchcode, the new technology works by embedding a thin layer of capacitive material in printed items like business cards, tickets, magazine pages, or product packaging. When you hold the paper to a capacitive touchscreen, it acts like a set of invisible fingers tapping out a complex code that’s interpreted by a Touchcode-enabled app or website.

To read the codes on a device, users will need to launch an app or site that’s capable of reading Touchcode. Rather than creating a universal Touchcode app, Printechnologics has an SDK that companies can use to build the functionality into their own apps.

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  • HLH

    This is hilarious! I assume PI is sharing this article to give us a laugh. For one, the article trys to bash QR codes stating that it requires an APP in order to scan them THEN goes on to say you have to have an APP to use this technology!

    I can sure see my customers wanting to pay who knows what for this versus a simple barcode that is created by INK! No thanks!