The Takeover of Paperless 2013 Campaign

A group of companies, led by Google, recently created the Paperless 2013 campaign to promote the use of online solutions, but unsubstantiated environmental claims caused the program to backfire. The campaign went viral in the past few days, with hundreds of Twitter messages a day using the hashtag “#paperless2013.”

But the tweets are running roughly 10 to 1 against the campaign, with most criticizing it for implying that digital media are always greener than paper-based media without providing any facts.

Searching Twitter for #paperless2013 has turned into a wonderful way to connect with others who object to the demonization of print

  • claxtonprinting

    save a tree don’t print – is like " Don’t Eat Corn" You’ll Kill the stalks"
    Jim Claxton

  • Alicia Robles

    print is green…reading a newspaper instead of online news produces 20% less CO2…an average person wastes 2.4x more electricity powering a single computer than on the energy used to produce the paper they use in a year…