Oprah at a Crossroads

When it comes to the magazine, Oprah Winfrey said her staff prepared her to expect a 25 percent decline in newsstand sales after the talk show ended. (It has been closer to 22 percent.) And while she acknowledged that she enjoys “holding the magazine in my hand,” she is pragmatic about print’s future and said she would stop publishing a print magazine if it were not profitable.

The median age for an O reader is 49, according to data tracked by GfK MRI. Ms. Winfrey said she would like to attract women “in their 30s or perhaps their 20s

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  • Marsha Hyde

    I would have continued my subscription except for two reasons.
    1. The items that are advertized in the O magazine are priced for the very rich. Who in today’s economy can spend $300 or $400 dollars on a blouse? Hundreds for the shoes and purses advertized.
    2. Dr. Oz. He takes information from others without giving them the credit due. Case in point was his 3 seconds to pain relief. I happen to personally know the Dr. who came out with his book titled "Pain Relief in 3 Seconds" by Dr. Daniel Marez, DOM. I know for fact that the information Dr Oz published came from Daniel, and that Dr. Oz was wrong when he neglected to give the credit where the credit was due.