Google Just Described its Vision for the Demise of Print Advertising

Google Senior Vice President/Advertising Susan Wojcicki told Adweek how she sees ad dollars continuing to move out of traditional media in favor of online.

In response to a question about how Google chief business officer Nikesh Arora believes 50 percent of all ad spend will switch online in five years, she said she believed print would continue to be the preferred victim of that shift, as people stop buying magazines and papers because they already own tablets and iPads.

At that point, all Google has to do is wait until advertisers’ dollars catch up to where the customers’ eyes already are.

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  • Larry

    Within the next 10 years or less, 90% of all printed publications will go digital. It is impossible to stop the ways people prefer to communicate today. If publishers are smart, they will go digital. Can you imagine people being able to view ads via videos and order products just with a click of a mouse.

  • Dave Pilcher

    USA TODAY announced the results of its first print advertising contest the week of January the 14th, 2013 — $1 million in advertising space going to the winner of the best print ad — and the winner turns out to be not an advertising agency, but, instead, Google Creative Labs.

    I think Google sees value in print advertising. . .

  • John K

    Google has a stranglehold on online advertising, they dictate what your ROI will be and do so with a very chaotic system called "adwords" a vehicle to squeeze the margin out of every product or service sold.

    An astute print seller should get their head wrapped around how much more it costs to get visibility on google vs. traditional means and become familiar what the acronym "ROI" means. In most markets direct mail and print advertising can deliver business at a fraction of the cost of adwords or similar products.