Former Quad/Graphics Plant in Depew Sold for $4.4 Million

An investment group is paying nearly $4.4 million for the former Quad/Graphics printing plant in Depew, with plans to subdivide the massive facility for a collection of manufacturing and distribution tenants. The purchase comes one year after Wisconsin-based Quad/Graphics closed the plant, putting 400 employees out of work.

In April 2011, Quad/Graphics announced that it would close the plant by the end of that year. The company won a reduction in the plant’s assessment earlier this year, from a market value of $9 million to $7 million, and put the property up for sale in January.

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  • JackW

    My Dad, Jack Whalen, president of Kerley Ink, owns the single longest continuously-running suppler to J W Clement/Arcata/World Color. Believe me, we made a LOT of printing ink for that plant in Depew: enough black ink to print 30 billion+ paperback books!

    Funny, but I can remember visiting Buffalo as a little kid around 1962 – when Buffalo was a very different place those 50 years ago. That was the year that Jack Taylor and Bill Roeser who ran J W Clement’s Buffalo Division moved their printing facility from Erie Street on Lake Erie in Downtown Buffalo to the mammoth "TC (Time-Clement) Industrial Park" building that was just sold as the article states.

    Starting with my grandfather Ray Kerley, we were a conscientious, dutiful supplier to all the managements in Buffalo for over 63 years. I’m a bit sad to see the passing of an era in American industrial history, but time marches on. Goodbye, Buffalo. Thanks for all those years working with you.