Elizabeth Warren Campaign Debt Includes Bills for Printing, Mailing

Massachusetts’ Democratic Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren raised $41.56 million—but still ended her campaign $401,000 in debt, owing money for mailings, printing and accounting services, according to her latest fundraising report with the Federal Election Commission. The biggest single debt was nearly $150,000 owed to Grossman Marketing Group for printing.

The basic numbers of Warren’s fundraising were announced yesterday by her campaign, which revealed the debt in an email to supporters asking for additional donations…the campaign chalked up the debt to higher-than-expected Election Day expenses—“last-minute coffee and pizza” to feed volunteers and money for vans to drive people to the polls.

  • Tim

    Scott Brown wouldn’t have stiffed any printers!

  • Kelly Mallozzi

    How is this news? Unless you are going to site every political candidate who has left bills unpaid, then this is truly irresponsible journalism and I am ashamed to be associated with this publication! Not to mention that the bills as of yet are probably not even past due. This is very disappointing coverage here folks.

  • mel

    I learned many years ago that any political printing is sold 50% down, balance C.O.D. If the candidate loses you will never see your money. A good rule to follow.

  • Mike

    I guess you’re a Democrat Kelly. Relax. The article talked about printing and that’s what this publication is about.

  • rick

    $400,000 of last minute coffee and pizza, that their campaign hadn’t planned on? What does coffee and pizza have in common with walking around money? They both are paid in cash.

    Which do you think is more likely?