Advertising Mail is Not ‘Junk’

I would like to respond to the Sept. 8 letter, “Make junk mailers pay.” The letter suggested that raising the rates on advertising mail is a way to save the U.S. Postal Service money and also reduce the amount of mail. I’m not sure why it bothers anyone to receive mail. It doesn’t cost him anything to receive mail in his mailbox. For the writer to say, “We all wish it would end,” is a huge misstatement. The majority of people appreciate and want to receive catalogs and advertising mail in their mailboxes. If it wasn’t successful for the advertisers.

  • steven

    I wrote a very similar letter to the editor of my local paper several years ago. The general public has NO idea how much work we put into getting the rates that we do for direct mail, and would like to compare it to putting a $.44 stamp on a letter, having it picked up at your house, and delivered as far away as Alaska in 3 days. They don’t have a clue. Besides that, we got hit with an increase in rates in April while the $.44 stamp remained just that – $.44.