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IL-Based Bloomington Offset Process (bopi) Does Much More Than Produce Pocket Folders

Bloomington Offset Process Inc., known in the commercial printing world as bopi (bah-pee), may have been founded in 1947 (and owned exclusively by the Mercier family since 1985), but its mission is to look out for the best interests of its customers and provide them with the resources that will most effectively produce success—through a rich mixture of modern marketing tools that includes, but is not limited to, ink-on-paper.

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Print Buyers & the Paper Industry

Corporate print buyers could well be entitled “paper buyers,” since almost every buyer also sources paper for commercial print jobs. How they source their paper and where they gather their “paper intelligence” was the basis of this 2014 study by Margie Dana and consultant John Zarwan.

Guide to Integrated Marketing and Media Convergence

This book was developed to provide the printer or print provider with an understanding of the many new tools (legacy media and emerging technologies) available to them. When applied, these tools will help you develop new business for yourselves and your clients—and hopefully to increase your profits.

The New Print Buyers

This report provides important insight into the new print buyer. With this information, service providers will learn: 

  • The role today’s print buyer plays in sourcing print
  • What services today’s print buyers seek in their print partners
  • How their location plays a part in buyers’ practices today, and which buyers will look further afield when sourcing print
  • And so much more